Health Agreement &
Purchasing Info

Our pregnant Goldens are brought indoors for the birth of their puppies.  
While the puppies are with us they are around our family each day to help
them become socialized and better prepared to adapt to their new family.  
We want all our puppies to have a loving environment from birth until they
find their new homes.

We ask that anyone that is interested in purchasing a puppy contact us
before putting your deposit down to insure that you get
the picking order that you desire.  Feel free to browse our website and call
for any additional information that you may want.  You may reach us at 662-
983-9099 or 662-983-4828 or email us at  We
require a $300 nonrefundable deposit to put your name on the list for
one of our puppies.
 This deposit will ensure your number of pick from the
litter.  For example, if you are the first person to send a deposit for a male,
then you will have 1st pick of the available males.  If
you are the 2nd
person to send a deposit for a male then you would have 2nd pick of the
males and so on.  To allow everyone time to pick out their puppies, we
have set up new guidelines to allow each person the same opportunity.  All
picks are given an appointment on "pick-up" day.  I will email all buyers in
advance so that they will have plenty of time to make arrangements to
make their choice online or come to make their choice in person.  If you are
not available to pick out your puppy, we will make a choice for you based
on what you tell us that you are looking for in a puppy.  McGreger's
Goldens reserves the right to take the 1st pick of any litter. McGreger's
Goldens also reserves the right to refuse the sale of a puppy to anyone
that we feel would either not give the puppy a good home or would harm
Kennel. We now offer the convenience and security of PayPal for you
to make your deposits and
pay any balance.  Feel free to call or email for
more info on placing your deposit.  Keep in mind that the order the deposits
are received reflects that order the picks are made so making payments
online would be faster than mailing your deposit.  If your puppy is not being
shipped and you are unable to pick your puppy up on "pick-up" day, you
must make prior arrangements or you will be charged a $10 a day
kenneling fee.

We at McGreger's Goldens strive to breed healthy, happy puppies.  We
worm our puppies at 2, 4, and 6 weeks.  Each puppy will receive their first
set of shots before going to their new home.  Your puppy's health is
guaranteed for 72 hours after purchase.  Your puppy's hips are guaranteed
until the age of 24 months and his eyes are guaranteed until the age of 12
months.  If your puppy is diagnosed as having hip displasia or eye disease,
it will be replaced with a pup from the same breeding if possible, or the next
similar breeding as puppies become available.  
This guarantee applies
only to the original purchaser of the puppy.  Your puppy must have
been kept on NuVet Plus for the first two years.

  • If your puppy is diagnosed with genetic hip displasia, we must receive
    a statement for the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals confirming the

  • If your puppy is diagnosed with genetic eye problems, we must
    receive a statement from the Canine Eye Registration Foundation
    confirming the diagnosis.

You will be required to return your dog's registration certificate, transferring
ownership back to us.  We will then terminate the registration with AKC
and/or UKC.  We also require that the said dog be sprayed or neutered and
prove of such be provided to us.  

You will have 2 weeks from date of diagnosis to get all information to us for
our veterinarian to review.
It is recommended that our puppies be kept on NuVet Plus for our
puppies immune systems. Each puppy will be sent to it's new home
with free samples and information on this vitamin supplement.  Hip and
health warranty will be void if not kept on this product.  If current puppy
buyers have any questions please contact us at 662-983-9099.

To order call 1-800-474-7044. Your order code is
# 74754
You can also order online by clicking here: