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McGreger's Goldens is now set up to
accept credit card payments through
If you decide to pay using these features below, please
note that PayPal charges an additional fee of 3% to
process all electronic payments. This fee has been
included in price shown below.

You may chose to pay just your deposit to hold a puppy.
Please note that deposits are

Please remember that puppies are chosen in the order
deposits are received.  Keeping that in mind, paying online
would be faster.

Below is a list of choices for checkout:
(Once you contact us, We will help you with checkout.)
Deposit Only: $310
Balance after deposit without shipping: $721.00
Balance after deposit with shipping: $1,401.00
SHIPPING ONLY (Approx.)  $660.00
Shipping cost have increased due to the costs
of airline requirements and fees. This is only
an estimate as Air fare may vary.

Shipping costs includes:

Health Certificate and Vet Exam @ $50
Travel Crate that meets requirements @ $70
Airline Shipping @ $470
Gasoline (to vet and to the airport) @ $70
Balance after Deposit WITHOUT shipping: $1,030.00
Balance after Deposit WITH shipping: $1,710.00
It is recommended that our puppies be kept on NuVet Plus for our
puppies' immune systems. Each puppy will be sent to it's new home
with free samples and information on this vitamin supplement.  Hip and
health warranty will be void if not kept on this product.  If current puppy
buyers have any questions please contact us at 662-983-9099.

To order call 1-800-474-7044. Your order code is
# 74754
You can also order online by clicking here: