About Us
McGreger's Goldens is a small, family
owned kennel that enjoys raising
English Cream Golden Retrievers as a
hobby.  These beautiful dogs are raised
to compete in field hunts and shows, be
trained as service and rescue dogs or
just to be loved as a family pet. Our
Goldens are loved as members of our
family and so our puppies are well
socialized by adults as well as children.
Golden Retrievers are very intelligent
animals with a wonderfully pleasing
We live in rural north Mississippi with lots
of wide open spaces for our dogs to run
and play daily. They each have their own
kennel which is cleaned at least twice per
day as well.  We feed Purina adult dog
food and use NuVet vitamins daily to
keep our pets healthy.
Katie after a good swim
Chip hugging Noah after a walk
Our Family
The Kennels
Our Family
Puppy House / Indoor Kennel
Fenced Dog Run
We are proud to
say that
Goldens is a
Inspected Kennel.